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Invisalign Logo | Smiles by Design Orthodontics in Pembroke Pines, FLInvisalign is a great innovation in dentistry that allows you to move your teeth without traditional braces or putting metal brackets on the teeth. It uses a series of clear plastic aligners that gradually move your teeth into the right position. You can remove them to eat, drink, and for key moments including speaking engagements, playing musical instruments, and for important photo moments, such as anniversaries, weddings, and graduations.

Obviously you must keep them in to have the results from Invisalign and it's actually one of the big problems is people take them out and leave them out too long.  But if you're consistent with them you'll find great results from Invisalign with none of the discomfort of having braces.

Invisalign Braces vs. Wire Braces

Invisalign provided by Smiles by Design Orthodontics in Pembroke Pines, FLThe big difference is the clear factor -- Invisalign braces are transparent and virtually invisible to the naked eye. Invisalign can be used for virtually any type of malocclusion with positive results. While a lisp is common during the first day or two of wear, you'll get used to the fit in no time.

Here are other advantages of Invisalign braces over traditional wire braces:

Chair time is greatly reduced. With wire braces you're in the dental office every two weeks or so for a tightening. With an Invisalign program, you'll see your dentist only every six weeks and he or she will arm you with your next few sets of aligners and monitor your progress.

Oral hygiene is improved. Unlike traditional braces, you can remove your Invisalign braces when you eat, drink, brush and floss. That means your teeth are less likely to trap food and act as a catch-all for dental plaque. In addition, the ability to remove Invisalign braces makes for improved dental cleanings!

Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen Logo | Smiles by Design Orthodontics in Pembroke Pines, FLAdding dental braces to the emotional and physical rollercoaster of adolescence may seem like a death sentence to many teens. At a time when image seems so important, the thought of having metal brackets and wires constantly attached to teeth may outweigh the ultimate benefit of a straight and beautiful smile. Dental braces also have a reputation for causing discomfort and affecting speech.

Before your teen plans to swear off smiling for a few years, let them know that there are dental braces options to help ease their concerns.

No More Metal Mouth

The Invisalign system can give your teen's teeth the same results as standard dental braces while eliminating some of their traditionally frustrating aspects. A patient wears a series of custom-fit, clear aligners, changing them every few weeks to shift teeth into their desired position.

Few people will notice that your teen is wearing the aligners and they can be removed as necessary for eating, brushing and activities such as sports or playing musical instruments. Patients that choose Invisalign also need fewer checkups than those with traditional dental braces. Like dental braces, however, aligners may cause a lisp for their first few days of use, which will go away once your teen gets used to wearing them.